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Driving Under the Influence (D.U.I.)

It can be overwhelming to face charges for driving under the influence (DUI). Not only do you face serious criminal penalties, but you also face the suspension of your driver’s license and collateral consequences, such as the imposition of commuting to work without a driver’s license.

Theft and Property Crimes

Property crimes can include a broad range of offenses, from shoplifting to burglary and dealing in stolen property. Depending on the nature of the offense, a property crime could leave you facing misdemeanor or felony charges that can carry serious penalties, including fines, probation and jail time.

Domestic Violence and Battery

Domestic violence is taken extremely seriously in Florida, and the police will take decisive action if they feel that someone is in danger. Actual physical contact doesn’t even need to take place for a restraining order to be issued.

Sex Offenses

If you are facing charges for any type of sex offense, you should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. These are extremely serious crimes that can carry severe penalties in Florida, including significant fines and prison time.

Drug Offenses

When you are facing aggressive prosecution for drug possession, distribution or other drug offenses, it is important to have an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney on your side who can stand up for your rights and work vigorously to preserve your future.

Traffic Tickets & Driver’s License Offenses

Attorney Danielle O’Halloran leads the traffic violation and driver’s license offenses division. She is a former assistant state attorney who has prosecuted hundreds of serious traffic citations and cases involving serious traffic violations.

White Collar Crime

Our financial system becomes more and more complex. The Florida state attorney’s office and federal investigators are cracking down on fraud and other white collar economic crimes, often accusing people of crimes when no illegal activity was intended.

Other Criminal Law Services

In addition to providing solid, experienced criminal defense for people charged with traffic violations, misdemeanors and felony offenses in municipal, state and federal court in Florida, we offer a full range of post-conviction and support services.


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